> Wintegrate workshop on urban wind turbines

On Monday May 11th, 2015 VUB-INDI organises with their project Wintegrate a workshop on ‘Wind energy and wind conditions in the built environment in Brussels’.

More information and registration for workshopSmall wind turbines have shown to be a viable source of sustainable electricity, also in urban environments. With wind speeds of about 5-6 m/s on the rooftops of high-rise buildings, also Brussels has good wind conditions and has potential to explore urban wind energy opportunities.

This workshop highlights three aspects of urban wind turbines in the Brussels Capital Region:

  1. the concept of urban wind and its relevance
  2. issues related to vibrations and acoustics, the structural challenges and the possibility of pilot projects
  3. planning permits and environmental requirements in Belgium and other countries

The workshop will be held on at the offices of Buildwise (Bld. Poincaré 79, 1060 Brussel)and is open to all interested parties. Concerned stakeholders are the regulatory authorities (of the Brussels’ Region and its municipalities), urban planners, study bureaus, investors, and end users.

More information and REGISTRATION available on the Events page.

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