> VIDEO LightComp composite floor system

The lightweight floor system developed at VUB-MEMC in the context of the Strategic Platform is a new composite-concrete floor system designed and optimised for the renovation of residential buildings. In renovationt, one is often confronted with the need for a lightweight floor that is manually installable, e.g. for replacement of wooden floors, addition of storeys, etc.

In view of weight minimisation, the following conceptual design was developed in the LightComp project: supporting beams – approximate height of 15 cm – consist of a hollow composite box at the bottom to eliminate concrete in tension, and concrete at the top for its compression properties. Between these beams, sandwich panels with a EPS core and composite skins are used.  After installing these lightweight elements on site, a concrete compression layer of 5 cm is added to create a monolithic floor system.

The conceptual design, installation process and structural behavior is illustrated in a new video that is available on the project’s web page. Click here to go to the VIDEO.