SHARC publications

Development of autonomous self-healing coatings containing microcapsules with healing agents for corrosion protection of metals
Verbruggen H., Pletincx S., Kakaroglou A., Hauffman T., Vlček T., Shiba M., Terryn H., De Graeve I.
Electrochimica Acta

Evaluation of sodium molybdate as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel, encapsulation and incorporation into polyurethane coatings
Kakaroglou A., Domini M., De Graeve I.
Journal of Surface and Coatings Technology

Development of corrosion protection coatings with encapsulated corrosion inhibitors
Domini M.
Master thesis, SURF VUB, 2014-2015

Study of the encapsulation of healing agents for autonomous self-healing coatings
Pletincx S.
Master thesis, SURF VUB, 2013-2014