hp-01B³-RetroTool  // Sustainable retrofit of urban blocks and buildings in Brussels Capital Region – Development of a multi-scale and multi-criteria pre-assessment tool
hp-02IRHIS // Integrated approach to support and develop economic activities in the Brussels Renovation sector of Housing including Socio-economic concerns
hp-03SHARC // Self-Healing coatings in Architecture
hp-04LightComp // Design of lightweight building components for the renovation and reconversion of existing buildings
hp-05DynStra // Dynamic Reuse Strategies for the retrofitting of post-war housing in Brussels
hp-06RetroCo // Understanding and conserving the post-war housing stock in Brussels (1945-1975).  Retrofit for continuity!
hp-07Wintegrate // Wind energy and wind conditions in the built environment
hp-08Innov-ETICS // External thermal insulation composite systems: technical investigations on high performances emerging innovative solutions for the retrofitting of housing
hp-09AIM-ES // High-efficiency rehabilitation of (semi-)identical urban housing ensembles: Experience-based guidelines for Architectural Industrialized Multifunctional Envelope Systems
hp-10MESB // Micro Energy Storage in Buildings
hp-11LCBuild // Evaluation of retrofitting concepts from a life cycle perspective