UCLInstitute: Université Catholique de Louvain
Research unit: LOCI – Architecture et Climat
Researchers: Arnaud Evrard, Sophie Trachte
Project: B³-RetroTool

Objectives of Architecture et Climat

  • Research, design, modelling and construction with a view to a better balance among buildings, climate and occupants, with the goal of establishing and developing, within the framework of sustainable development, the theory of climatic architecture and sustainable architecture. To this end, it also carries out scientific follow-up to experimental projects. The computer models developed or used within the unit pertain to dynamic hygrothermal phenomena, natural ventilation and natural and artificial lighting of buildings, as well as the links between these models;
  • Efforts to achieve optimal energy efficiency in tertiary sector buildings and their facilities, as well as dwellings (new buildings and renovations) with a view to meeting the occupants’ need for comfort by making best use of energy resources;
  • Support for the teaching of architecture within the university (UCL), projects, practical work and exercises, in the 1st and 2nd as well as 3rd cycles of study;
  • The development of specific teaching methods geared to the establishment of continuing training courses for architects, engineers and energy technicians.

Three main fields of activity can be point out:

  • climatic architecture and sustainable architecture,
  • energy efficiency of buildings sector and its facilities,
  • teaching and continuing training