Institute: Belgian Building Research Institute
Research unit: REN – Laboratory of Renovation
Researchers: Michael de Bouw, Yves Vanhellemont
Project: AIM-ES
The laboratory of Renovation deals with aspects regarding the conservation and improvement of existing buildings (ranging from constructions of the Middle-ages to almost newly constructed buildings). The approach is a horizontal one, where aspects such as material deterioration, the aspect of buildings and materials, and humidity, are considered in connection with other technical domains, such as inner climate, insulation, installations, finishing, facade cladding, etc. The laboratory has obtained a large experience in diagnostics of buildings and materials, and can count on the expertise of other divisions or laboratories within the BBRI, such as the laboratories of ‘Energy characteristics’, ‘Air quality and ventilation’, ‘Structures’, ‘Durable development’, ‘Wood and coatings’, ‘Matyerials for insulation and sealing’, ‘Roof- and facade-elements’, and ‘Materials for structural and finishing work’. These laboratories cover the main technological challenges that will be encountered in this project (diagnostics, prefabrication techniques, insulation materials, facade cladding, etc).