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> !! Event 26/11 CANCELLED !! Sustainable energy in the city


Because of the terror alert level 4 in Brussels, the BBRI has decided to cancel all meetings being organised this week in their offices near the Brussels South station (Brussels Meeting Centre, Poincarélaan 79, Brussels). As a result, the KNOWLEGDE SESSION ‘Sustainable energy in the city’ will be CANCELLED on 26/11. The event will be […]

> RETROFITTING THURSDAYS Industrialisation and prefabrication of building systems


On Thursday 3 December 2015, the strategic platform Brussels Retrofit XL organises a KNOWLEDGE SESSION on INDUSTRIALISATION AND PREFABRICATION OF BUILDING SYSTEMS FOR RETROFITTING. In an era where speed, accuracy, health, flexibility, ease of use and automatization are getting more important every day, new building methods focusing on industrialisation and prefabrication gain interest. Systems that […]

> Series of events: Retrofitting Thursdays


In the autumn of 2015, the strategic platform Brussels Retrofit XL organises its “Retrofitting Thursdays”, a series of events related to retrofitting activities in the Brussels Region. The sessions are organised according to different themes and aim to guide building professionals through innovative renovation practices relevant in an urban context. Thursday 26 november 2015  KNOWLEDGE […]

> RETROFITTING THURSDAYS: Sustainable energy in the city


On Thursday 26 November 2015, the strategic platform Brussels Retrofit XL organises a KNOWLEDGE SESSION on SUSTAINABLE ENERGY IN THE CITY. Whereas sustainable energy is often associated with large off-shore wind farms or hydro-electric power stations, cities have the potential to generate, capture and store a part of their energy needs on-site. Both wind and […]

> Urban Metabolism study of Brussels

Urban metabolism

Platform partner BATir finalized a thorough analysis of the Brussels’ urban metabolism for 2011.  The study was executed by ULB-BATir (Aristide Athanassiadis and Federica Paolini) in collaboration with EcoRes and ICEDD for Bruxelles Environnement. The study report is available at the website of Bruxelles Environnement (> 300 pages, french) and contains the full analysis of […]

> RETROFITTING THURSDAYS: Book launch “Post-war building materials in Brussels”


On 10 December 2015 project team RetroCo presents the result of three years of research work with the launch of the thrilingual book and website on post-war building materials. The book consists of eight chapters, each dealing with a specific material or building product that was typical, invented or commonly applied in the post-war period. […]

> Successful AIM-ES workshop – photo gallery

M. de Bouw / CSTC-WTCB

On December 10, 2014 a workshop was organised in Brussels on the use of industrial prefabricated facade systems. The AIM-ES research team, as well as some national and international speakers presented work on the use of prefabricated facade modules in building retrofitting. A larger audience from Brussels and its vicinity showed up. Some pictures below.

> Seminar Evolution des matériaux isolants


More than 70 peoples have participated to the seminary ‘Evolution des matériaux isolants’ organised by Confédération Construction Bruxelles Capital in collaboration with BBRI this 4/6/2015. As output of the project ‘Innov-ETICS’, the subject ‘Matériaux d’isolation et ETICS’ was presented. See ‘dissemination Innov-ETICS’ for the content. La gamme de matériaux d’isolation ne fait qu’évoluer, les exigences […]