> AIM-ES Guidelines document available now !

The evolution of industrial processes offers innovative techniques for the retrofitting of building envelopes: Architectural Industrialised Multifunctional Envelope Systems (AIM-ES). The old building is ‘wrapped’ with a new envelope made of large prefabricated elements, mounted on top of the existing walls. Much information related to prefabricated envelope systems for retrofitting is already available in literature and several – mainly wood-based – module systems already proved their great potential (fast on-site execution, high-quality construction, cost-effective, reliable, etc.). However, such systems are not widespread nor well-known, certainly not in Belgium. This innovative technique could help to stimulate the renovation initiatives in Belgium. This document wants to resolve this problem by providing guidelines addressing the actors of the retrofitting sector so that pilot projects can be encouraged in Belgium. The essential information is summarised here, with a focus on critical design and decisions parameters.

This document was elaborated by the work group ‘Industrialised multifunctional envelope systems’ created within the General Contractors Technical Committee of Buildwise. This redaction task took place as part of the AIM-ES project.

Download the AIM-ES Guidelines document here.